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careto chair


Careto born of the tradition that origin the name of the project - the Caretos - a local tradition of Tras-os-Montes in the Carnival season in which Transmontanos become Caretos and are dressed in a Devil in the view of the people, suits with fringed red wool bedspreads green and yellow, with strings of bells at the waist and bandoliers with bells, but according to the ancient Careto is the connection between the living and the dead, between man and divinity become a superior being who goes to the street and do purgatories rituals of passage between late winter and spring entry in order to appease the wrath of heaven for a good harvest.Rituals still in force, a bit everywhere in the northeast Transmontano.

This symbolic tradition that mirrors the Careto chair, wants to represent these rituals and traditions and get to know a little of our local Portuguese culture to the world and craft techniques used by our people, thereby merging with the modern design.

Traditions, symbolism and culture are the factors that lead Careto to insert in the category of Sustaining Chairs with a social sustainability very much creased, through symbiosis between craftsmanship and modern one hand we have the craftsmen in all wisdom and tradition produce bedspreads and make it a key material for the chair structure of an industrial made chair giving rise to a unique identity, being a objectives of this category a singular character.

2nd place winner of International design competion Art on Chairs in the Sustaining Chair category. 


Name / Careto
Specs / Chair
Contest / Art on Chairs
Material / Solid beech wood, wool
Measures / 42 x 50 x 90 cm
Date / 2012
Design / Gustavo Macedo
Photo / Art on Chairs

‘Careto’ is produced by Portuguese company Fernando Dias da Silva & Filhos, Lda and Tecelagem César